Digital Transformation and Strength Prediction by Using AI in Ready-Mixed Concrete Batching Plants with Optimix

Turkey Case

Turkey has the highest concrete production in Europe, with nearly 1000 power plants. There are close to 500 companies in the sector, which can be described as a combination of more local and large companies.

Quality control processes are indispensable for concrete producers. Every business is responsible for the quality of the concrete they produce. So how much do quality control systems benefit from the latest improvements in technology?

Certain data management systems create significant challenges for organizations trying to establish systematic and continuous quality control systems. Optimix digitizes the quality control process from end to end, uses cloud technology, artificial intelligence and advanced data security systems. Optimix increases profitability because it supports higher quality concrete production at much more affordable prices.

With Optimix, the final strength can be estimated with high accuracy from fresh concrete and the cost is calculated live. In other words, while the production continues, the ready mixed concrete producer can obtain live information about the final strength and cost through the app. Companies no longer have to wait 2-3 days for initial quality results. This changes production on many levels, because it optimizes time and efficiency while making valuable information accessible.