AI Supported Quality Control Management Tool for Ready-Mixed Concrete Plants: What is Optimix?

Optimix is a cloud-based system that digitizes the quality control process for multiple ready-mixed concrete plants. Ready-mix Concrete Batching Plants establish a quality control system in order to maintain quality of their concrete production. This requires sampling the concrete regularly to assess strengths at certain intervals. The final strength of the concrete must be measured after 28 days. There are quite a few parameters that affect the strength. Therefore, quality control engineers need decision support systems when evaluating test results and materials and deciding how to achieve target strengths. Optimix supports quality control engineers by providing a product that estimates strength based on concrete samples. This process saves time and resources by providing accurate predictions earlier.

Benefits Include:

1. Cement Saving

2. Digitization of the process

2.1. Remote control/work from home

2.2. Multiple plant management

2.3. Operational effeciency (no excels, unified database, easy access)

3. Competitive advantage

3.1. Quality consistency

3.2. Better price

4. Long term risk elimination

4.1. Standardization of processes across all plants

4.2. Competitiveness

5. Data quality

5.1. Cloud computing

5.2 Data validation

6. Early warning system

6.1. Track changes in quality

6.2. Prevent losses

Additional features;

● As soon as a sample is taken from any facility, the data of that sample can be seen instantly on the report screens, including 28 days of strength estimation.

● Mobile usage.

● Keeping sample entry logs

● Easy to report

● Creating auto sample forms